A perfect alternative to curtains, there are many reasons to choose a custom made blind for your window dressing beyond light control and privacy. Ease of cleaning, moisture resistance, fire retardance, child or pet safety are but a few important considerations when selecting the right window covering for your living space.

With a vast array of types and styles of window blinds available you are guaranteed to find a window solution to suit the needs and character of your home.


Roller blinds are a simple, cost effective, and exceptionally versatile choice. Available in a stunning selection of colours, patterns and textures, roller blinds arguably have the widest creative range, and truly offer you the means to impress your personality on your living space. From subtle, understated designs that will complement your room, to daring colours, or beautiful patterns, rollers can transform your interior.

Available in sheer, dimout, blackout, anti-glare, moisture resistant, easicare, and fire-retardant options. Roller blinds are operated by chain and are fitted with chain tidies as standard for child-safety.


A luxurious version of the roller blind, Senses rollers are an innovative blind system, attainable in the same, extensive range of fabrics as the standard roller.

Fully child and pet safe by design, the senses roller has a one touch operation, eliminating the need for hanging cords or loops, and making this one of the safest blinds on the market. The easy to use design is a preferred option for the elderly, particularly for those with arthritic concerns. Adjustable glide speeds and the ability to set where the blind rises to, allows for superior operational control.

Coordinated fascias – pelmet, bottom rail and coloured end caps add an additional element of sophistication to your window dressing.


The revolutionary design of the Senses Mirage, or Day & Night roller blind as it is also known, offers enhanced flexibility in light control in a contemporary style. The three positions of fully open, fully closed, or in between allows you to choose between total privacy, and a softly diffused natural light. This extremely adaptable product enables greater visibility within the roller collection, providing protection from the glare of the sun, without restricting daylight, or your view.

As with the Senses roller, the Senses Mirage is also available with customisable pelmet, bottom rail and end caps.


The wood venetian range is a truly outstanding choice and is available in either a natural wood finish, or contemporary painted colours. Additionally, the Faux Wood option, made from high quality PVC emulates the character of real wood and is the ideal choice for high moisture areas.

As a slatted blind, the venetian collection provides ultimate versatility as the slats can be angled to suit your light and privacy needs. Attainable in different slat widths, and with a selection of valance and tassel options, wood venetians can be further customised with sophisticated flatweave tapes, available in a variety of complimentary or contrasting colours which can transform the look of your blind.

This beautiful product can add elegance and refinement, or a sense of modern glamour to your living space. Wood is also a natural insulator and can help prevent heat loss during colder months.


A remarkably affordable, durable and low-maintenance product, the aluminium venetian offers a contemporary feel with its sleek, minimalist lines and is ideal for home or business use.

There are over 100 colour options, from neutral tones that will provide a demure backdrop, to vivid, dramatic colours and show stopping metallics. Furthermore, with an array of different finishes and textures available, wood grain effects, striped prints, brushed textures, smooth matt options, this is an incredibly adaptable product.

Light-weight, and easy to clean, the aluminium venetian can also be used in moist conditions.


Similarly to venetians, verticals are a slatted blind that are incredibly flexible and can be easily adjusted to meet the required levels of privacy and incoming light. As with many of the blind ranges, vertical blinds can be as understated or as daring as your creative style allows.

An exceptionally functional choice, and a staple of the corporate world, the vertical blind can also be a fantastic replacement for curtains as they can reach from ceiling to floor.

Available in an extensive selection of fabrics, including plain, textures, blackout, and easicare there is a choice for every room style. Verticals are also available in either soft or rigid PVC providing enhanced durability and suitability for moist environments.

Fabric and soft PVC options are available either with chains, or child-safe chainless bottom weights. Rigid PVC has no requirement for either bottom weights or chains.


These revolutionary designs enable blinds to be fitted inside the frames of tilt and turn, multi-zone and push out windows, conservatory roofs and bi-fold doors while maintaining their full functionality. As installation does not require the use of drills or screws, these cutting-edge products will not cause damage to your uPVC, timber or aluminium frames. Both products are child safe in accordance with BBSA regulations as they eliminate the need for hanging chains or loops. Both Perfect Fit and Intu are available in a vast selection of colours, patterns and textures that will enhance your interior style.


Perfect Fit is an award-winning design which encases the roller, venetian or pleated blind inside a frame, colour coordinated with your window or door.

As the blind fits neatly within the frames casing, the perfect-fit moves with the windows and doors when they are opened and closed, and provides enhanced privacy by minimising the gaps around the edge of the blind.
Available in blackout, moisture resistant as well as thermal efficient fabrics, perfect-fits are also able to be removed for ease of cleaning.

Offering superb thermal efficiency these innovative blinds aid in heat reduction during the summer, and heat retention during the colder months. Operated by tension system, bottom bar or wand.


Another ground-breaking blind system is the INTU which holds the blind between brackets, fitted into the window bead, hiding the fixings themselves. Also available in roller, venetian and pleated options these integrated blinds come in reflective, blackout and fire-retardant fabrics.

As with the Perfect Fit, INTU blinds help insulate your home during the colder weather, and prevent your room from becoming too hot in summer.

INTU are operated by tension system, bottom bar, or slider.


Roman blinds have folds of material that cascade down the blind and not only add depth to a room, but also a sense of sophisticated luxury. Attainable in an immense range of colours, patterns and textures these beautiful blinds look incredible in any home, traditional or otherwise, and will provide an extra dimension to the character of your room.

Romans can be supplied unlined, or with dimout or blackout lining options; providing different levels of light control and privacy.
All Roman blinds are chain operated.


Designed to fit Velux, new Generation Velux, Fakro, Keylite, Rooflite and Dakstra, roof blinds are available in aluminium and white fascias, and in the same vast range of fabrics applicable to the standard roller.